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It's 1989 in Los Angeles - four friends create an album which will only be heard for the first time IN 2020. Following on from the sensational debut single 'Big House' and follow-up 'Round The World', the hotly anticipated third single from the 'supergroup that never was' is here. 

Put it on the Line is a song about overcoming fear and self doubt - emotions common to every single one of us. 

It is dedicated to all the ordinary every day heroes everywhere who put themselves on the line and in harm's way each and every day for us - the ones who just turn up come what may and do their duty whatever the cost.


Here's to the nurses, the doctors, the health workers, the firemen, the soldiers and to all those who daily overcome resistance and their own perceived limitations. There are no limits to your heroism and to what you can achieve.


We salute you. 


About thirty years ago record producer Tommy Vicari (Taste of Honey, Billy Idol, Prince) recorded and produced an album with Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh – four good friends who were hot songwriters, singers, and musicians working at that time in the LA music scene of 1989. They called themselves ‘World Goes Round’. Between them they had either written for, sung with or played on records by a string of major artists and producers like Linda Ronstadt, Queen, Chaka Khan, Brenda Russell, Jeffrey Osborne, John Denver, Supertramp, John Fogerty, Quincy Jones, Arif Mardin, Air Supply – the list is too long to quote in full.



Independent Music Reviews

Cool 80's vibe... it's like I'm partying with Peter Gabriel and watching Weird Science or something. Love the sound.

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About the track... So 80's but so good! All the ingredients of a beautiful little power hit! Pop, dancing, groovy. Even 30 years later, it manages to 'sound modern'. Bravo!


Congrats on this. Has that Peter Gabriel tang and sounds great. Just something that sticks on your fans like glue, we bet. Just works. Will do great again in 2020. Good music never grows old. Fun music is the cream on top.  Keep on kickin'!

Muza Magazin

Such a cool song - reminds me a bit of Queen or Jackson.

The song is very catchy and

nicely recorded!

MP3 Hugger

I'll let you in on a little secret, 1989 is my fave year for music so I wasn't all that upset to hear that you recorded this track then.

This track sure does bring the memories back, Jermaine Jackson, Terence Trent D'arby, Bros, Living in a Box and Wang Chung all sprang to mind. That and the fact that this track sounds so full of fun and mischief, really brought me back to my youth and for that I am most thankful. Well done to you for releasing this track, with the zeitgeist going for all things 80's it has a decent chance!  

Lex - The Dutch Guy

Oh wow! Absolutely digging Big House and I just love the story behind WGR! 


Think that's a very cool old school style you have put into your song. Also artist performing have great voices in my opinion. Performances are just on point, sounds clean and professional. Keep that up! 

Fred's Backstages

Waouh ! This is huge!!! I love your sound, so 80´s...  groovy, rock with a Huey Lewis touch.

Slow Culture

Vaporwaves addicts, here come Big House! A catchy song that will ravish those missing that Huey Lewis era.

Le Jeune Musical

A mix of dance-pop and a little disco, a bit like Abba or Michael Jackson, it's really a song to spend the evening with, made for the dancefloor.

Common Sense

Love the groovy rebellious vibes in this song! The beats are also incredibly catchy and hooking. Vocals are also good with great production!  This a great piece of music. Everything about it really works and it's incredibly catchy.

Lost Song

It makes me thing about Michael Jackson and Prince. Really groovy! Was it really written and recorded in 1989?

It seems so! 

This is a cool retro-styled track. The vocalist sounds nice and confident and the song composition is well thought out!

Well, in 1989, I was still young. Too young to know this group, but not enough to feel the freshness of this track...  It's a very eighties pop song, pretty catchy. It will no doubt satisfy fans of AOR or classic rock!

Crank it up! Brilliant song..”Living in a big world but it’s shrinking fast”... great line and very cool video.

It sounds old and we like it, it reminds us a little bit of "Mon Légionnaire" by Serge Gainsbourg at times. 

Great track, we enjoyed it! Great 80's vibe here! Love a modern throwback! 

Definitely sounds like something that would've come out in the 80s, wild it took so long.



Great vibe, funky sound. 

I really love the oldies feel of this!

This is an extraordinary case. A song recorded in 1989 but released nowadays. 

Oh yeah! This is retro and fresh as tomorrow! Great sound!

We are plunged back into the 80s

thanks to this song. 

Big House is a big slice of groovy pop!

This track is great ! I really like the way it sounds.  

Why hasn't it been released before ?!

Infectious pop rock!

Very dynamic and edgy vocals and it perfectly matches with the edgy and vibrant instrumental.

I find the lyrics very amusing. :) I can feel the uplifting energy of the cool 80's vibe.

Love the 80's vibe in

Big House!

A round of applause for the kind of sounds you used... perfect 80's.

Interesting throwback to years gone by.

Smart crisp sound from Tommy Vicari....

As usual way ahead of his time.....

Timely message. 

Love the range and tone of your voice!

So groovy and rock! 

I like the throwback feel from this track. Excellent vocal delivery. Great singing voice.

I liked the positive mood that 'Big House' creates, the work with the sound and the overall arrangement are also worthy of compliments.

This one is definitely catchy!

I like the 80's music elements that the song has...

This has got Laurel Canyon

written all over it!

Too cool, so glad this has resurfaced.

Well written song and attractive vocals.

Great track, we enjoyed it! Great 80's vibe here! Love a modern throwback! 

The vibe is really cool and original, vocals seem to mix in great with each other, it has a really catchy vibe

Definitely sounds like something that would've come out in the 80s, wild it took so long.

I got 80's vibes on this song for sure,

very cool sound!

Nice powerful vocal, beats, production and mix. Congrats for that! 

Good layering, interesting lyrics. 

''Big House'' is such an amazing piece of music. I like the funky melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding.

WORLD GOES ROUND Goes Round The World

An in-depth write-up about the band from Italy - READ HERE

We hope you enjoy our new single!

From Frank, Marty, Elizabeth & Jeff